Service & Leadership Transformation 3.0

There's a science behind success in business - & in life.

"Erika's wisdom & approaches makes it seem easy."


Not just any communications, of course. Your leadership style, website, workflows, training, ads, SEO, natural results, office vibe, visuals, EVERYTHING has to capture your points of difference, and truly engage personalized interactions. When you reflect, plan, and strategize, in just the right way, you get chosen, and everyone wins.

Living Up To Your Brand

Your branding can absolutely help attract magic and success for you. It should be a source of inspiration for you, and should represent a quality standard you're even a little nervous about having to live up to. If you don't get that feeling, update it. There's an art to branding that elevates emotion and action for everyone involved.

Training & Operations

It's vitally important to truly understand the human dynamics surrounding your collective efforts and to consistently listen and evolve as your ecosystems and dynamics evolve. There's an art to teaching, training, and internal SOPs that keeps the ship tight, keeps you highly ranked, and that keeps fueling a cohesive mission.

Office Experience

Whether your workforce is remote, in-person in a physical location, or both, it's vitally important for you to design your work environment to align with your core messaging, and your ESG strategy by including magnetic visual experiences of the purpose behind what you're all waking up to do every day.

You imagine it,

Erika makes it an even better reality

Erika Feinberg, M.A. Human Dynamics and #1 top-selling author of Purpose, Passion & Profit is the nation's choice of expert panelist and keynote speaker for your events. She shifts your muscle memory using her Strategic Amnesia, method, and helps you set your new strategy using her PeekForward Method. Experience whoa-level transformations.

Wisdom makes it look easy

A Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer like no other.


Expert Panelist / Keynote Speaker, Writer & Trainer, ESG Specialist

Branding Expert, Marketer / Strategist

Built and led three multi-million dollar market leading businesses with successful exits, and co-founded the country's first venture-philanthropy non-profit that is now worldwide.

Substantial expert panel & corporate training, and keynote speaking expertise.

#1 Top-Selling Author


Western International University

Master’s in Human Dynamics 2018

GPA 4.0

Chosen to speak at commencement. 

Boston University

Bachelor of Science, Communications

GPA 3.8

Class President

St. Luke's School

New Canaan, CT


Techie & Visionary in One.


The top five websites represent work from scratch - from concept, to planning, writing, and graphic design coordinated with an incredible designer/animator Erika has worked with for years.

Erika's Topics of Expertise

❖ The PeekForward Method of Setting Strategy

❖ Branding, Culture, & Strategic Planning

❖ Multi-Channel Writing/SEO – Print, Web, Video

❖ Multimedia & F/F Employee, Customer, Stakeholder Trainings

❖ Digital & Print Newsletters, Brochures, Fliers -->Automations

❖ PowerPoint Presentations & Launch Plans/Announcements

❖ CXO Quality Long-Form Articles & Blogs, Expert Interviews

❖ Remote Team Leadership, Agile PM, &   Collaboration Skills

❖ Curriculum Writing, CE, Presenting & Directing/Producing Events

❖ Complex Projects/Events, Biz Ops, Creating & Updating SOPs

Erika's Awesome!

You'll see!

She's an incredible expert panelist, trainer, and keynote speaker, with a fun twist of "East Coast".

"Her presentation and communication style is very upbeat, fast-paced, interactive, and authentic.

Plus, her wisdom oozes through in a way that makes even very complex feats seem easy."

#1 Top-Seller

Purpose, Passion & Profit

Purpose, Passion & Profit has been a #1 top-selling book on Amazon in over 18 categories for years.

It's a compilation of success stories from some of the country's most inspiring and accomplished leaders in their fields.

Click the image for a free soft copy.

My story starts on page 77. Enjoy!

If you are moved and want to inspire your team or loved ones, you can purchase elegant hard copies of the book!